What does Feeling Good For Life mean to you?

You deserve to enjoy the best possible quality of life. This may mean different things to you at different times, depending on your situation. When we feel well we enjoy better health and increased personal and professional success. As an experienced doctor and lifestyle medicine specialist, my mission is to help you feel good for life.

Mission & Values

What I’m about

I’m a GP specialising in lifestyle medicine and cardiology, an author, TEDx speaker, blogger, podcaster, mentor and coach. 

Modern medicine, with all its technologies and treatments, can be great but it also has its limitations.  At times a flawed, reactive and sickness-based approach, it often doesn’t meet our needs when it comes to feeling and staying well. My experience of this led me to deepen my knowledge and change my practice, personally and professionally. Now I enjoy living a much better quality of life and helping others to do so too.

It’s not complicated and it’s definitely not a secret.  Everyone can benefit.

Dr Richard Pile

How I can help you

I’m a working GP, providing patient care and working as a specialist lead changing the way that we promote health and wellbeing across the wider NHS.

I also provide the following services:

For Individuals

One-to-one consultations and ongoing support

For when you need more time and a deeper conversation than your GP or other health professional can give you.

Combining my expertise as a GP & lifestyle medicine clinician with my experience of coaching and behaviour change, I work with you to create a bespoke, personalised programme depending on your needs and priorities. This is to complement and not replace the care that you get from you GP surgery and does not involve prescribing any medication.

Consultations can be face to face or remote, depending on your location & preference. Like you, I’m not a fan of waiting lists, so make an enquiry to see if I’m taking on new patients at the moment. I’ll get back to you quickly.

Dr. Richard Pile
For Organisations

Improve health, wellbeing & performance

I work with organisations to help them improve their health, wellbeing & performance, individually and collectively, from senior leaders to the wider workforce. This includes health and social care providers, schools, charities, and the corporate sector.

Dr. Richard Pile
Dr. Richard Pile

Whether you need an events speaker, education and training in workforce wellbeing, assistance with team building, strategy & service development, or coaching to support individuals or groups, I can support you. All services are bespoke, designed to meet your needs.

Book: Fit for Purpose

What does it mean to be fit for purpose in life?

Physically, mentally and spiritually. My book “Fit for Purpose” describes the problems we face, both individually and as communities, and summarises the key factors that determine our wellbeing. It lays down a challenge to avoid treating physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing as separate. Using my knowledge and experience of the worlds of medicine, behavioural change and faith, I present case studies and practical recommendations for making changes in ourselves, our faith community and wider society.

Dr. Richard Pile

“Why loneliness my be worse for you than cancer”

TEDx St Albans

The theme of the day for the first ever TEDx St Albans was “connection”.  We had fourteen great talks from our team of speakers and amazing feedback from the delegates.  My talk is about the dangers of loneliness and how we can all be part of the solution.  Watch it here.


Straightforward advice on wellbeing

Have you ever wanted to live life better but found yourself baffled, bewildered and bored by complicated, confusing, condescending advice? This podcast is the antidote. Each episode is really good conversation between me and an expert guest. We keep it short and practical (usually 20-30 minutes), so that our listeners can get the most out of it. If you enjoy it and find it helpful, please give us a review wherever you get your podcasts from and share it with others.

What people say

My job is to help corporates and start-ups present really well, which means I have to be on top of my game all the time, able to coach and feeling mentally strong. I met with Richard for a consultation and it was truly life-changing. We discussed sleep, exercise, nutrition, rest and relaxation. Now whether I’m travelling the world to coach my clients or spending time with my family, I am more present which will enable me to be successful for a lot longer than if I had just continued my journey which was often full of adrenaline and too much coffee!
I highly recommend Richard’s approach which is knowledgeable, kind and caring but also challenges you to reach for what is possible. He believes deeply in what he coaches and he lives it out, which makes him a joy to work with and have alongside you on life’s journey!

Stewart Bewley, CEO of Amplify

Richard is a rare combination; clinically astute, with the reliability and broad medical knowledge you’d expect from a practicing GP. Yet also innovative, able to find new solutions and embracing of new ways of thinking.  As our medical director he provides advice, training and other support to our health and wellbeing programmes.  He is passionate about lifestyle medicine and demonstrates a genuine care for better health outcomes in the populations he serves.”

Tim Roberts, Managing Director & Founder of Thrive Tribe

I really enjoyed learning about lifestyle medicine and behaviour change alongside the physical activity sessions which were excellent.  I only wish the sessions were longer! Many thanks for you time, which is much appreciated

Living Well Course attendee

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